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Types of Mesh Fabric

What Is Mesh Fabric?

Mesh is a loosely-woven fabric permeated with thousands of tiny, little holes. It is a lightweight and permeable material. Mesh can be made of almost every material, but typically, it is made of polyester or nylon. These synthetic materials provide wear and tear properties, as well as a useful level of flexibility. However, even metals can be used to create a mesh for industrial use.
Mesh fabric is always very breathable. It is probably the most important property. Furthermore, due to loose weaving or knitting, it is very flexible. Also, it doesn’t trap heat. While wool is the best fabric when it comes to moisture-wicking, polyester is the second-best choice. All these qualities explain why mesh is so popular for sportswear.

 Types of Mesh Fabric

While nylon and polyester dominate the industry, producing techniques can be quite different due to different requirements. Obviously, even if you use the same material, you don’t need the same fabric for swimsuits and door screens. So, here’s the list with the basic types of mesh fabric.

Nylon Mesh
Nylon mesh fabric is softer, stronger, and more stretchable than its polyester counterpart. However, it can’t match polyester water-wicking properties. That’s why nylon mesh is not a common choice for apparel. But, tent screens, door screens, mesh bags, and other similar products are usually made of nylon mesh. A beekeeping veil is probably the most notable nylon mesh product.

Polyester Mesh
This is the most frequent kind of mesh fabric. Modern technology allows for constant improvements in polyester fabrics, so they are becoming more and more popular.
While it is not as durable as nylon, it comes with many other advantages. Fantastic breathability and moisture-wicking properties make polyester the most popular material in sportswear. Also, polyester mesh dries really fast. Moreover, it absorbs and retains the color extremely well. It is also water-resistant. So, it’s pretty obvious why polyester mesh is the most common choice.

Tulle is a very fine mesh fabric. It is made of a variety of materials besides polyester and nylon. Silk, rayon, and even cotton are used to make tulle mesh. The most common items made of tulle are veils, gowns, and ballet tutus.

Power Mesh
Power mesh is a specific type of mesh fabric, usually made of nylon/polyester and spandex. This combination allows for greater flexibility while retaining high breathability. These qualities make it a perfect fabric for compression garments. It comes in different weights depending on the purpose. You will find this fabric in active wear, dance wear, lingerie, and as a lining fabric.

Mesh Netting
Finally, mesh is very useful for protection against insects. Specific weaving results in a breathable, transparent, and durable fabric. It is excellent for screen tents, screen doors, and windows. Furthermore, it is often a fabric of choice for several types of camping equipment.

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