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Is mesh good for running shoes?

The shoes you wear when you run should be extremely comfortable to avoid any complications.
In recent years, the use of breathable mesh has become increasingly popular and for good reason too. As the name suggests, breathable mesh is a material used on the top surface for air ventilation.
On top of that, they come with a sturdy sole to improve their functionality and provide maximum comfort and support - plus they’re available without having to break the bank.
Let’s take a close look at the 5 advantages of wearing breathable running shoes.

1. Lightweight
First and foremost, breathable mesh shoes are lightweight because of the materials used to make them.
Regardless of if people are running a marathon or participating in a race, lightweight shoes means they’ll keep they fast on your feet and decrease fatigue or pain after your run, therefore offering maximum comfort.
And, people don’t have to worry about sacrificing a thing because they function just as any other running shoe would, but instead just lighter in weight.

2. Cost Effective
When you invest your money into a pair of shoes you’ll want to make sure you’re getting the most out of them. Breathable shoes are cost effective and whilst they’re affordable, they still provide great stability, comfort and support.

3. Maximum Ventilation
Without a doubt, feet are likely to sweat during a run and more so if it’s a hotter day than usual.
Unfortunately, if shoes were not breathable, it can leave the feet uncomfortable and sweaty, which can lead to complications such as athlete's foot, where fungus thrives in warm, moist areas.
Therefore, breathable mesh shoes are great for running as it guarantees maximum air circulation and has breathable holes to add fresh air to your feet; breathable fabric moves the moisture away to sit on the fabric rather than the foot which minimises chafing and maximises comfort.
In other words, the mesh fabric has pores that are too small for water to pass through but large enough for steam to escape.

4. Perfect Balance
When running on bumpy roads or even wet terrains, not only can they be uncomfortable to run on but it can be dangerous too if you take the wrong step.
With that said, breathable running shoes are at your rescue! With their rubber soles they deliver great stability, adding to your body balance which means you can minimise the risk of falling over.

Investing in mesh shoes is a worthwhile decision. Jinjue offers a variety of mesh fabrics for shoes. If you want to buy mesh fabric, contact us for a quotation.

Post time: Dec-05-2022