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60mesh hard Nylon mesh for wedding dress

Short Description:

Nylon mesh is our most basic product and also the most widely used product. The mesh number of this item is 60. It is currently the most widely used product on the wedding net. It is mainly used in the middle layer of the wedding net and acts as dress support. In addition to wedding dresses, hard nylon mesh can be applied to bags, shoes, hats, etc. For daily necessities, it can be used for industrial applications such as screen printing. It is a very widely used product.

Product Detail

Product Tags

Material: 100% nylon
Supply Type: custom
Type: Mesh Fabric
Width: 1370mm
Use: wedding dress sport shoes, Bag

Certification: ISO9001, ROHS, SGS,CA65
Mesh: 60mesh
Weight: 109GSM
Model Number: JP11001
New Color: available
Feature: Fluorescent, Fusible, Shrink-Resistant, Tear-Resistant, Anti Pill, Anti-Mildew, BreathablePackage:100yard/roll

product application

Our mesh is a weft-knitted mesh, which is strong and durable. It was previously used in industrial screens and screen printing. Because of the hardness and flexibility of the mesh, it was developed for wedding mesh, mainly used on the outer layer of the dress. When applied to the outer layer, it is generally necessary to add embroidery printing jacquard and other processes to make the wedding dress more beautiful. We can produce these crafts.

JP11001 60mesh hard Nylon mesh for wedding dress

Product Introduction

Nylon screen mesh, also known as nylon mesh, nylon net, nylon filter mesh, printing screen mesh, is made of nylon 6 (PA6) monofilament woven by a flexible rapier loom, dyed (if necessary), and heat-set. It is made of chemical synthetic fibers and belongs to the polyamide series. Nylon wire mesh has high strength, good abrasion resistance, chemical resistance, water resistance, and elasticity. Because the wire diameter is uniform and the surface is smooth, the ink passability is also excellent. The disadvantage is that the stretchability of nylon mesh is relatively large. The tension of this kind of screen is reduced for a period of time after the screen is stretched, which makes the screen printing plate slack and reduces the accuracy. Therefore, it is not suitable for printing circuit boards with high dimensional accuracy requirements, etc.

Product Advantage

1. Quality. We have 40 years of experience in mesh production, and we strictly control the quality of our products, so our product quality control is the best among our peers.

2. Style. We have our designers and will design the fashionable styles that the market needs according to market demand. This product is the most popular mesh fabric used in sports net shoes this year. It is popular and fashionable. If you are looking for net cloth, there must be something you are looking for here

3. Service. We have the best salespersons, if you have any needs, contact them, they will reply to you when you want to consult

4.MOQ. We can customize the patterns and crafts you want. The minimum order quantity is generally about 1000 yards. Of course, JP11001 has some stocks. Tell us how much you want.

5. Free samples. If you are interested in our products, please contact our salesman. We provide free samples, you only need to pay the freight

Factory Advantage

1.40  years manufacturing experience
2. 78+ shipped to countries
3. 100+ skilled worked
4.3000+ serviced customers all over the world

JP11001 60mesh hard Nylon mesh for wedding dress

Compilation method Plain, also can be customized
color Color can be customized according to pantone color number
Square gram weight 75g-180g
composition 100%nylon
Doormat Conventional Effective width 1.37 meters, can also be customized width
use Make wedding dress, dress and other high-grade fabrics
characteristic Strong permeability, strong plasticity, no fading, no shrinkage Light Weight, anti-hook wire

JP11001 60mesh hard Nylon mesh for wedding dress

JP11001 60mesh hard Nylon mesh for wedding dress

JP11001 60mesh hard Nylon mesh for wedding dress

JP11001 60mesh hard Nylon mesh for wedding dress

Packing description
Volume is the unit of bulk cargo , Internal transparency OPP bag+Outer wear resistant woven bag Packing and distribution of a roll of cloth about kilograms to 13 KG The lateral diameter is approximately 22 CM,The Middle Paper Tube is about 5 CM in diameter.

color card
color card

Mesh number:40 order    Weaving method: plain weave   Yarn thickness :( 0.205 , 0.21 , 0.23 )mm
Gram weight:128gsm,140gsm,145gsm,174gsm   Number of yarns per inch : 38-41root


Mesh number:60 order    Weaving method: plain weave   Yarn thickness  :0.15mm
Gram weight:100gsm,106-110gsm,116-120gsm  Number of yarns per inch : 58-61root


Mesh number:80 order    Weaving method: plain weave   Yarn thickness  :0.11mm
Gram weight:70-80gsm   Number of yarns per inch : 78-81 root


Plain Weave

Due to the shooting reasons, there is color difference, everything is based on the object.

JP11001 60mesh hard Nylon mesh for wedding dress

JP11001 60mesh hard Nylon mesh for wedding dress

40    Years Manufacturing experience
78+    State-to-state cooperation
20+    Technical Staff
3000+    Global Customer Service

JP11001 60mesh hard Nylon mesh for wedding dress


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