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Polyester Mesh VS. Nylon Mesh

Knit mesh fabric is most commonly made from either polyester or nylon yarns. While the two synthetic polymers share some properties—e.g., lightweight, durability, and tear resistance—there are several key distinctions that make them suitable for different applications.
Nylon has a smoother and softer feel than polyester, which in some situations makes it more ideal for use in applications requiring high aesthetic quality or user comfort. But, as noted above, other factors such as a high filament count can make polyester just as drapey as soft nylon.
Nylon is hydrophilic (absorbs water), while polyester is hydrophobic (repels water). As such, the former is more likely to be bogged down with water in high-moisture or high-humidity environments, while the latter dries quickly in marine and aquatic settings.
Nylon fibers are innately resistant to wear from bending and stretching, while polyester fibers are inherently resistant to heat and UV rays. These qualities make nylon mesh more suitable for applications where the material will be regularly subjected to bending and stretching, and polyester mesh more suitable for end uses where stability is key and for environments exposed to heat and sunlight. And again, it needs to be noted that these inherent qualities are basic at best. Finishing and treatment are key to performance.

Jinjue: The Experts in Nylon Mesh Fabric Solutions
Nylon mesh is a material solution that finds use across a wide range of industrial, commercial, and recreational sectors. Its strength, stability, and durability make it well-suited for many applications. For customers looking for high-quality nylon mesh fabric, the team at Jinjue is here to help.
At Jinjue, we specialize in the manufacturing, warehousing, and distribution of industrial polyester and nylon knit mesh. We offer a broad selection of standard textiles and custom-tailored fabric solutions for customers with highly specific or unique needs. For additional information about our standard and custom textiles, contact us or request a quote today.