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Nylon Mesh Properties and Benefits

Nylon mesh fabric properties

Nylon is a plastic-based synthetic fiber that can be extruded into strands of various sizes and thicknesses. Nylons are actually a family of materials created through the extraction and heat treatment of carbon-based molecules from organic resources. Nylons are wholly synthetic and have a wide range of useful properties, depending on the variety of nylon produced. Properties of nylon include:

Wear resistance
Temperature resistance
High tensile strength
Acid resistance
Alkali resistance
Corrosion resistance
High elasticity and flexibility
Easy to cut, dye, and clean
Dust resistant
Soft feel
Antimicrobial (when combined with silver ion fibers)

Knitted nylon mesh features construction with openings that can be round, rectangular, honeycomb, etc. Fabrics can range from thin, lightweight marquisettes like mosquito netting or shear drapes to thick and heavy durable materials such as automotive cargo nets and scrub pads.


Nylon mesh fabric properties

The unique properties of nylon mesh make it particularly useful for a range of industrial applications, including:
Filtration: Nylon mesh screens for filters, mops, and squeegees
Marine: Fishing nets, boat covers, and tarps
Automotive: Filter screens, seat materials, substrates, mesh pockets, cargo netting
Healthcare: Privacy curtains, slings, and braces, IV mesh support
Recreational equipment: Safety harnesses, sports goals, and enclosure netting, shoes and sportswear
Aerospace: Cargo nets, mesh passenger seat supports, and seat pouches

Nylon mesh can easily be manufactured with varying densities by adapting the sizes of spacing (by machine type) and yarn. It all depends on the needs of the application. In addition, nylon is easy to clean and highly chemically resistant, which gives it a particularly long service life. types Nylon can withstand moderately high heat (temperatures in the range of 340° F) making them particularly useful for industrial or safety applications.

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