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4 Kinds Of Mesh Fabric For Wedding Dress

Mesh fabric for wedding dress is versatile and can be used as the main fabric of wedding dresses or as accessories to be applied locally.The texture of this mesh fabric is soft and elegant, which can show a romantic and hazy beauty, and is suitable for all seasons.It can be applied in multiple layers on a gorgeous cascading style or court style, or used alone on the long trail of a wedding dress. For a skinny fit, it can be used as a simple veil over the main fabric.

What kind of mesh fabric is suitable for what kind of wedding dress? Let’s take a look.


1.60mesh Hard Nylon Mesh For Wedding Dress

Nylon mesh is our most basic product and also the most widely used product. The mesh number of this item is 60. It is currently the most widely used product on the wedding net. It is mainly used in the middle layer of the wedding net and acts as dress support. In addition to wedding dresses, hard nylon mesh can be applied to bags, shoes, hats, etc.


2.Bright Dusting Nylon Mesh Fabric For Wedding Dress

This fabric is machine-sprayed with glitter, and under the light, you can see all kinds of flashing colors. It is suitable for making wedding dresses, children’s clothing, shoes, bags, etc.