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Imitation metal Nylon mesh for Baseball cap

Short Description:

The imitation metal mesh is a metal-plated mesh fabric based on nylon mesh. This mesh fabric has a metallic appearance, but in essence, it is a nylon mesh, which is flexible and hard to fade. It is very suitable for applications where there is an urgent need for metal. On top of products with flexible characteristics. We currently have customers apply it to hats, which look very good, but also apply to pet supplies, windows, and glass. It is a very cool fabric. Application in glass interlayer is also a trend.

Product Detail

Product Tags

Material: 100% nylon
Type: Mesh Fabric
Width: 55/56"
Use: hat,Baseball cap
Yarn Count: 0.185mm
Model Number: JP11F31

Style:Imitation metal,
Feature: Fluorescent, Fusible, Shrink-Resistant, Tear-Resistant, Anti Pill, Anti-Mildew, Breathable
Certification: ISO9001, ROHS, SGS,CA65
Weight: 150GSM
New Color: available

Technology  Introduced

Imitation metal mesh fabric is based on a nylon mesh screen, and metal aluminum is electroplated on the mesh fabric through an electroplating process, so that the surface of the mesh fabric is covered with a metal aluminum film, forming a metal appearance, but the essence is nylon wire mesh, We call it imitation metal mesh. The gold and silver wire meshes we currently produce are silver, gold, green, brown, and so on. On the downside, it can only be silver. With the current process, we can only achieve one side of the color, and the other side can only be silver. I believe that in the future, we will achieve the same color on both sides of the plating. The advantage is that this fabric is very novel, with a metallic appearance and toughness of the fabric. We currently apply it to wedding dresses and hats. Pet supplies, etc.,

Imitation metal Nylon mesh for Baseball cap
Imitation metal Nylon mesh for Baseball cap
Imitation metal Nylon mesh for Baseball cap

Product Advantage

1. Quality. We have 40 years of experience in mesh production, and we strictly control the quality of our products, so our product quality control is the best among our peers.

2. Style. We have our designers and will design the fashionable styles that the market needs according to market demand. This product is the most popular mesh fabric used in sports net shoes this year. It is popular and fashionable. If you are looking for net cloth, there must be something you are looking for here.

3. Service. We have the best salespersons, if you have any needs, contact them, they will reply to you when you want to consult.

4.MOQ. We can customize the patterns and crafts you want. The minimum order quantity is generally about 1000 yards.

5. Free samples. If you are interested in our products, please contact our salesman. We provide free samples, you only need to pay the freight.

Factory Advantage

1.40  years manufacturing experience
2. 78+ shipped to countries
3. 100+ skilled worked
4.3000+ serviced customers all over the world


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