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Fashion PP sliver wire guitar amp amplifier speaker grill cloth

Short Description:

AH31Y26A-1 is a grille applied to the front of the speaker. It is a kind of audio net that combines classic and fashion. This mesh is woven from PP+polyester silk and has four kinds of silk threads: white, silver, and black. Woven. His craftsmanship is complicated and his appearance is beautiful. And it has a very good enhancement effect on the sound quality. Marshall and Fender have products that use this mesh.

Product Detail

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Material: PP+polyester
Width: 1500mm
Feature: Anti-aging/prevent heat transfe
Use: speaker grill,guitar amp
Type: Mesh Fabric
Model Number: AH31Y26A-1

Supply Type: custom
Certification: ISO9001, ROHS, SGS,CA65
Weight: 190GSM
New Color: white,gold,grey

product application

Most of the speaker grill choth are used as a dust cover to prevent dust and protect the speakers when not listening to songs.
The opening rate of the audio net will have a certain impact on the sound quality of the speaker. The opening rate of the dust cover is different from the material of the dust cover. This effect is not the same, so we will have different materials and different opening rates to meet the needs of different speakers. We have PP+polyester and paper materials. It is not only beautiful but also strengthens the sound quality of the speakers, making the speakers more perfectly.

AH31Y26A-1  Fashion PP sliver wire guitar amp amplifier speaker grill cloth  (4)
AH31Y26A-1  Fashion PP sliver wire guitar amp amplifier speaker grill cloth  (6)

Product Advantage

1. Quality. We have 40 years of experience in mesh production, and we strictly control the quality of our products, so our product quality control is the best among our peers.

2. Style. We are one of the few professional speaker grill cloth suppliers in China. We own more than 90% of the speaker grill cloth on the market.

3. Service. We have the best salespersons, if you have any needs, contact them, they will reply to you when you want to consult.

4.MOQ. We can customize the patterns and crafts you want. The minimum order quantity is generally about 1000 yards. Of course, AH31Y26A-1 has some stocks. Tell us how much you want.

5. Free samples. If you are interested in our products, please contact our salesman. We provide free samples, you only need to pay the freight.

Factory Advantage

1.40  years manufacturing experience
2. 78+ shipped to countries
3. 100+ skilled worked
4.3000+ serviced customers all over the world

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